1. International Transportation
Using our global network and logistics system, we are dealing with Import & Export Cargo of any type including LCL consolidation, FCL containers, bulk cargo and project cargo, via sea and air. We will do our best effort to realize top customer satisfaction by generating high-level of logistics service.
   • The most reasonable and affordable transport rate.
   • High quality service to reduce logistics cost, time, and inventory.
   • Well organized, efficient transport by ship and flight.
   • Total silky logistics service from Door to Door in Import & Export Biz.

2. Warehouse
Our own exclusive cargo terminal is either bounded warehouse or a regular warehouse for logistics storage. Our warehouse management system(WMS) enables one-stop service for storage, grouping, repacking and inventory management.
   • The logistics center is strategically located near the Incheon port.
   • Cargo is stored in the spacious center and an open-air storage yard.
   • The center supports various tasks of picking, sorting, repacking, etc.
   • Storage and food quarantine services of YL Logis cost 30~50% less than using the Incheon airport storage as we offers affordable shuttle transport to the
   • Accurate inventory management and status reports reflective of demands of cargo owners are made possible through WMS.

3. Domestic Transport
YL Logis has established a non stop, door to door transport system servicing special type of cargo including containers and bulk, heavyweight freight.
   • Transport of import, export containers
   • Transport / delivery of small-sized cargo
   • Transport of heavy weight / long length cargo
   • Affordable, safe transports by self-owned vehicles or through partners transport firms.
   • Specialized in flexitank transportation

4. TPL
TPL provides an advanced third-party logistics solution that can handle any critical operational demand triggered within the complex modern logistics environment. YL Logis has signed TPL contract with Rapala Korea(Most famous fishing brand)
   • Securement and effective management of beachheads for just-in-time (JIT) service to satisfy customer needs.
   • Prompt response to urgent orders by connecting container depot with logistics center.
   • Provision of optimum logistics solution through use of a comprehensive computer system and web environment analysis.
   • Provision of so-called end-to-end service starting from customs all the way to deliver.